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A malfunctioning tractor trailer on the Thruway ends safely, but authorities continue to clean up the mess.

Dispatchers received a call at around four this afternoon for a tractor trailer leaking fuel after it lost its drive shaft which caused damage to the saddle tank. The tractor trailer lost power and had to coast to the travel plaza in Pembroke.

It was a lucky situation, but authorities still faced a major problem.

“We’re approximating that (the driver) lost approximately 60 to 80 gallons of diesel fuel and the diesel fuel spilled out onto the parking area of the travel plaza, but it did enter a storm sewer," Genesee County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Yaeger said. "We were able to control any more of the material from leaking from the tank and entering the storm sewer.”

Diesel fuel is not highly flammable, but it's slippery which could have made dangerous driving conditions; not to mention it poses an environmental issue.

Yaeger describes the clean-up effort...

“Basically we used a putty material to stop the leak and then some retention ponds underneath that for any other material that may drip out.”

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