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You may have felt your home or office tremble this morning.

That’s because there was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake recorded near Shawville, Quebec according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That’s about 42 miles from Ottawa. There were conflicting reports since the earthquake was recorded at about 9:45 this morning; but it’s common for it to take some time before scientists can come to a consensus on the magnitude of an earthquake.

Cheryl Hyback lives in Batavia and was sitting at home watching Dr. Oz when she felt the quake. She said she hoped it was just her imagination.

“This one here rattled all my mother-in-law’s china in my china hutch," she said. "I put one hand on the china hutch and one on top to keep my stereo from falling. I’ll tell you – I hope we never get a real one. I was scared.” 

The Richter Scale defines quakes with a magnitude of 4.0 to 4.9 as “light” with “noticeable shaking of indoor objects and rattling noises. Felt by most people in the affected area. Slightly felt outside. Generally causes none to minimal damage. Moderate to significant damage very unlikely. Some objects may fall off shelves or be knocked over.” 

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