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The vote for the Batavia City School District’s upcoming budget takes place Tuesday. Last night taxpayers had their last shot to voice their concerns and ask questions about the $42 million financial plan…but no one came.

“We took a different approach this year,” Dailey said on WBTA’s Main and Center program this morning, “and I went out to different service groups in Batavia and presented the budget and the capital project over the last month, so we had some very good questions that came up there that we were able to answer. We’re hoping that by getting ahead of it and explaining the process to come up with our budget, that hopefully that has helped allieviate some of the questions or worries the community might have.”

The budget is five percent higher than the current school year’s but results in just a two percent tax increase.

“It would be approximately $36-37 more for an $80,000 home assessment per year to have the budget go (through),” Dailey said. “What’s most important about this budget is not only does it preserve all jobs in our district this year, it adds a couple teaching positions as well. We’re going to be able to offer everything that we offer this year and more.”

Residents will vote on the budget, the capital improvement plan which focuses on infrastructure work throughout the district, especially to the Richmond Library, two school board positions, and a transportation referendum.

“With the oldest or veteran student being a first grader now, we feel it’d be safer if we waive the one mile rule and all students at Jackson would be eligible for bus service to provide more safety to those kids coming to school in the morning over at Jackson.”

For residents north of Route 5, or Main Street, voting takes place at John Kennedy, while those south of Route 5 vote at the high school. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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