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A two car accident this morning on route 77 at the intersection of Salt Road in the Town of Alabama. The accident was first termed minor, but then there were reports that one of the vehicles was on fire. The accident is in the most northwestern part of the county, near the Niagara County line.

No one spoke at the budget hearing for next year’s Batavia School District spending plan last night. That budget totals 41.9 million dollars and goes up for a vote on May 2lst. School Superintendent Chris Dailey at last night’s Board of Education meeting said all programs are maintained and that the district is in a very good place. If you want to hear more from Dailey, he will be on WBTA’s Main and Center this morning at 9:10AM.

The Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act is moving through the state government with the Assembly passing the bill on Monday. Local Assemblyman Stephen Hawley voted against the measure which has been dubbed the farm death bill. The measure will offer collective bargaining rights and disability and unemployment benefits to state farm works. It also limits work days to 8 hours and expands the state’s sanitary code to cover farm and food processing facilities. The state farm bureau is calling the bill a vote against hard-working farm families.New York's Assembly is moving ahead with a new bill designed to expand farmworkers' rights.

Throughout New York State law enforcement officials will be participating in the seat belt enforcement mobilization and that includes members of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department. The crackdown will begin on May 20th and continue through June 1st. In New York State all front seat passenger have to be buckled in while in the back all children under 16 must be wearing belts and children under 4 must be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat. New York State was the first state to mandate the use of seat belts and that came in 1984, 29 years ago. Those found not wearing a seat belt will be ticketed. The fine is 100 dollars.

In Ontario County, a woman from Holley has been arrested on a charge of grand larceny. 22 year old Kay Delker allegedly took more than 3 thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the Wal-Mart Store in Geneva. The thefts occurred on January 12th and 16th. Delker is in the Ontario County Jail with no bail set.

It’s just as illegal to drive a lawn mower on a street as a car while intoxicated. 26 year old Scott Mckenzie of South Main Street in Oakfield has found that out the hard way. He’s been charged with driving impaired by drugs, DWI, Unlawful possession of marijuana and failure to Display A Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem on his lawn mower. He was driving that lawn mower on North Main Street in Oakfield when he was stopped by Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputies.

A group of state lawmakers are trying to make peace with Canadian officials over the Peace Bridge. The lawmakers are reaching out to Peace Bridge Authority Chairman Anthony Annunziata, who has been feuding with Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration over numerous issues. In a letter, they are urging the authority not to allow a historic pilot program allowing U.S. Customs agents on Canadian soil for inspections to fall victim to the disputes.

26 year old Aaron Dudley of Nunda is in the Livingston County Jail after been charged with Menacing a Police Officer. The incident started at a construction site in the Village of Nunda. Dudley left thre scene and returned with a rifle and threatened several persons, and police officers. The rifle that Dudley displayed was a bolt action .22/250.


Eastman Kodak is trying to get a lawsuit thrown out of court over a huge loss in value of employee 401K plans.  The lawsuit centers around Kodak continuing to offer company stock as an investment option for employees in the months leading up to its 2011 bankruptcy filing.  The company collapse crushed the value of worker retirement plans, and led to several lawsuits that have since been consolidated into a single legal action.  Oral arguments in the motion to dismiss the lawsuit will be heard next week.


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