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Kiwanis Park was built in the Town of Batavia in 1976. Now it’s on its way to becoming an Inclusive Park. Organizer and WBTA’s own Anita Strollo, in an exasperated, but excited manner, details the new handicapped-accessible and disabled-friendly additions to the Kiwanis Park.


“…the sensory wall, the roller table, the omni-spinner; there’s someone else that you can roll up to that’s like a merry-go-round so you can roll the wheel chair in there…”

The sixth annual Day of Caring Wednesday propelled the project forward.


“These volunteers, if they hadn’t come today, this (progress) wouldn’t have happened," Strollo said. "You asked how significant this is – this is hugely significant. Even the bathrooms got painted today.”

It’s part of a greater effort to make the park live up to its new name: inclusive. That means children and adults who are handicapped in any way or even visually impaired can use the same playground equipment as everyone else.

Both Strollo and Shelley Falitico say the Day of Caring – and the 70 volunteers who worked at the park -- has been instrumental in its development: from donated food and supplies to the added contributions from other local service organizations and businesses, it was truly a community day.

“It gives a lot of attention to what the United Way does for our community and the Day of Caring committee is all volunteers," Falitico said. "It’s all volunteers today. So it’s a day to give back, and the response was amazing.  

Organizers say 110,000 handicapped children within a 50 mile radius can use the park once it’s completed in a few months.

To find out how you can donate, visit the park's facebook page:










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