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To the multitude of groups, towns, fire departments, villages and more that hold celebratory parades each year – hold off if you have made decisions to postpone the event due to new state regulations. Assemblyman Steve Hawley has been working with the State Department of Transportation to assure that the future of parades is not threatened.

The DOT recently released what Hawley called “expensive” and “overreaching” mandates on parade organizers. The DOT would require a permit, force organizers to engage in bonds and insurance coverage and submit very detailed plans.

Hawley says there has already been some headway.

“I am told personally from DOT officials in Albany that this is more a misunderstanding and a miscommunication that they are trying to streamline things and make it easier for all of our groups to have their summertime activities," he said.

Hawley said the proposed rule changes were brought about so the state could insulate itself against possible litigation as a result of incidents or injuries along state routes. Hawley says its important to make sure organizers don’t have to jump through more hoops and incur more costs. He says in the next week or so there should be more answers from the DOT about what is required from organizers.

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