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State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer was in Batavia today to announce that he is adding his name to a bill seeking to repeal the SAFE Act.

“I really think it’s time to rip up the law, start from scratch, and really have a deliberative and intelligent discussion,” he said.

Both Sen. Ranzenhofer and, he says, thousands and thousands of his constituents, have voiced their concern and anger over the SAFE Act since it was passed in January, but last week was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

David Lewis of Amherst recently was ordered to return his seven guns and had his pistol permit suspended under the mental health provision of the law which requires professionals to report patients that could harm themselves or another person. However, State Police notified the wrong David Lewis. Ranzenhofer says he’s sent a strong letter to Superintendent Joseph D’Amico that he seriously review this situation.

“I believe the accusations regarding the state police and any other state agency being used to search confidential medical information should be taken very seriously," Sen. Ranzenhofer said. "We need to get to the bottom of it. Any unwarranted search of personal medical information can not only violate HIPPA – the privacy rules – but raises some very serious ethical and constitutional concerns with me.”

Pictured: Sen. Ranzenhofer at the podium; from left to right - Genesee County Clerk Don Read, SCOPE President, Stephen Aldstadt, and Chairman, Genesee County Chapter of SCOPE, William Fox

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