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How productive financially is GCC to the GLOW region? Using a study from EMSI which employs “state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed research techniques” GCC apparently contributes $169.1 million to the local economy.

Dr. Kjell Christophersen is the president and founder of EMSI and says between regional spending by former students, the college and out-of-area students, the results are positive.

“Things are good. Things are very good," he said. "The impacts have actually grown since the last time we worked here (about 2 ½ years ago) and its attributable to a more efficient allocation of resrouces.

Christophersen says that in his experience about 60 to 70 percent of students at community colleges stay in the region. Christophersen says supporting the college’s efforts is important in this region.

“If you move up the education ladder from one level to another level," he said, "you earn a lot more, and therefore, pay a lot more in taxes. It behooves the citizens of a particular county to continue to support the college because of the fact that they are getting a more educated workforce coming back to reside in the region and pay more in taxes.”

Graphs from the literature handed out at the event:

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