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Yet another scandal is rocking New York politics with the news of yesterday's federal corruption charges levied against Bronx Democratic Assemblyman Eric Stevenson. 

A 30-page complaint issued by the U.S. Attorney's office alleges Stevenson took 20-thousand dollars in bribes from adult day-care operators looking to boost their business and eliminate competition.  Stevenson's charges come only days after bribery charges were handed to six people, including Senator Malcolm Smith. The "New York Times" was the first to confirm New York Assemblyman Nelson Castro would be resigning in connection with the Stevenson announcement.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is cranking up the rhetoric concerning the latest scandal facing New York politics. He used the word "appalling" yesterday when commenting on the federal corruption charges facing Stevenson. Cuomo's remarks come only days after he used decidedly much lighter words to describe bribery charges facing Smith.

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