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To ensure that New York agriculture will be well-represented in vital information collection, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is calling on New York farmers to participate in the Agriculture Census.

The Ag Census data looks land ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, and other factors that affect the way farmers do business. Blair Smith of USDA National Statistics Service says that providing information will only come back to help New York farmers because of their specific needs and concerns.

New York is real big in milk production as well as fruits and vegetables," Smith said, "so getting their word out and getting their voice out for their communities is important for New York farmers.”

Done every five years, the Ag Census will be released in February of next year. 

“The census will shape different programs," Smith said. "Legislators use the numbers from the census. It’s really there to serve the agricultural community.”

Farmers who haven’t submitted information can expect to be contacted by USDA, as it makes every effort to ensure every farm in the state is counted. Visit for more information.

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