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Scott Doll has been found guilty of the brutal beating murder of Joseph Benaquist.
A jury of 8 women and 4 men came to the unanimous guilty verdict in their 9th hour of deliberation. They filed into the courtroom at 4 o’clock this afternoon to announce the verdict.
A gasp went up in the courtroom at the announcement of the verdict. Audible sobs were heard from the family of Scott Doll.
Officially, Doll is guilty of the charge of 2nd-degree murder.

Doll’s attorney, Paul Cambria, says he will appeal the ruling, based on what he sees as, quote, “a substantial legal issue” – the fact that Sheriff’s deputies refused Scott Doll the right to an attorney the night he was arrested for the murder. District Attorney Lawrence Friedman says the guilty verdict is a just one. Friedman says there was a motive for Doll to kill Benaquist.

Sentencing for Scott Doll is scheduled for July 2nd. He faces a minimum sentence of 15 years to life in prison.


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