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A public hearing into the city’s plan to get out of the trash business did little to change any minds about how Batavia will get rid of its garbage.
A dozen people spoke at last night’s hearing into a change in the city code that essentially gets the city out of the trash business and leaves garbage disposal up to individual property owners.
Council President Tim Buckley voted against city management’s pay-as-you-throw tote system. 
He said last night that nothing is to be gained by delaying the move to private collection:
"You know, we want to put everything off, have a meeting, have a meeting - and accomplish nothing. let's get to the grass roots. let's get to the problem. I know we can get it done."
As it stands, the city will extend the contract with the ARC until the May to allow property owners an opportunity to make alternate arrangements.
The ARC has announced that they will offer a private collection service.

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs says it won't follow a provision of New York's gun law which would require them to report the names of patients they believe may be a danger to themselves or others.  Veteran’s advocates say the provision would deter vets from seeking counseling to deal with post traumatic stress disorder or other problems.  Under the law, the information would be used to guide officials in determining whether someone's license to own a gun should be revoked. 

A plan to locate three upstate casinos in New York State by the time the budget is passed probably will not happen.
Governor Cuomo says lawmakers in Albany remain at odds over how much influence the Legislature should have in locating the casinos, and says any such agreement probably won't take place before the budget is passed.
Cuomo has said he wants the state gaming commission to decide on locations for potential new casinos, while many legislators say they want some input in the matter.


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