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by Geoff Redick

Defense attorney Paul Cambria says it’s common sense that Scott Doll did not murder Joseph Benaquist.
Cambria spoke for an hour and 20 minutes this morning. He told the jury there was no motive for Doll to kill Benaquist; there was no weapon found; there was not sufficient blood spatter; and there was one footprint found at the scene, which can’t be attributed to Doll, Benaquist, or anyone.
Cambria’s final remarks to the jury were: “This is a case that has reasonable doubt written all over it. Take my client from me, consider what’s here, and send him back with a not guilty verdict.”

by Dan Fischer

District Attorney Lawrence Friedman took just over an hour to sum up the prosecution’s case against Scott Doll.
Friedman told the jury of eight women and four men, that the guilt of Scott Doll is the only conclusion they can naturally, reasonably and logically reach
Friedman said for some people, dying at their home can be a blessing. But for Joe Benaquist, his death at his home was a horrible, horrible nightmare: a vicious and savage attack on a 66-year-old man, by a person 20 years younger.

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