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The Genesee County legislature unanimously approved a resolution calling for the repeal of New York’s new gun control law last night.

Echoing and endorsing the other 24 counties around the state that have denounced the SAFE Act, the legislature and those in attendance say that it was too hastily enacted and infringes on Second Amendment rights. Dave Alvord of Darien was attendance and says the law is unfair.


“There’s no reason for having people who didn’t commit any crime be punished for something that never took place, especially in our state," Alvord said. "It’s just another way to take away their freedom.”


County legislatures don’t have the authority or legislative ability to overturn a state law, but legislators say it's about taking a stand.


“What we are doing here tonight is we are sending our message to those who are mentioned at the end of the resolution," Legislator Shelley Stein said. "So it would go to the president of the United States, the two U.S. senators, our U.S. congressmen, followed by our governor and our two legislative representatives.”


“It’s extremely important to send that message to our governor, to our legislature, to anyone that will listen," Legislator Esther Leadley said.

The state county clerk's association as well as the sheriff’s sssociation have denounced the law alreadyl.


“There’s certain areas we’re in agreement with and there’s areas we’re not in agreement with," Sheriff Gary Maha said, "particularly the ban against assault weapons, the broad definition of assault weapons, (and) and the seven-round clips to me in kind of ridiculous, so there are areas that we feel infringe upon Second Amendment rights.”




The legislators were not shocked the packed crowd or the 8-0 vote. Resolutions that come before the legislature have often already gone before one or two standing committees.

The resolution was drafted by legislator Ray Cianfrini, who had a planned absence in advance for tonight’s meeting, and brought before the public service committee last week.

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