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Just 70 miles down I-90 East, the City of Geneva provides a glimpse of how a private contracting trash collection system works in a small city. 
The Batavia City Council is holding a special meeting tonight to discuss who Batavia would make the trasition to private contractors from a city sponsored service.
In place for several years, before Mayor Ron Alcock was elected in November of 2007, Geneva made the transition.
"Overall, I think the satisfaction level among residents is fine. They (property owners) realize the tax burden associated with a city funded trash pick-up became quite cost prohibative."
Alcock says there is one problem that the city council plans to address soon, but it not an immediate concern.
"The only problem we have had is the number of trucks on the city streets. There has been some talk lately about coordinating schedules so that we don't have garbage trucks all over the city every day of the week."
Alcock says the city and its residents are generally happy with the system and that he likes that there aren’t trash totes all over the streets throughout the week. There is city ordinance that requires residents to bring their totes inside in a timely manner. 
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