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The Batavia City Council on Monday night sounded defeated a proposed Pay-as-You-Throw trash program and directed city management to draft a plan to allow property owners to hire their own trash disposal service.
The vote was 7 to 2. The defeat of the ordinance change essentially gets the city out of the trash collection and recycling business. 
Ward 4 Councilmen Pier Cipollone and Ward 6 Councilwoman Rose Mary Christian voted in favor of the plan that was strongly recommended by City Manager Jason Molino.
The vote was greeted with cheers and applause by another packed city council chamber. Most of those in attendance were supporters of the Genesee ARC, the agency that has held the trash collection and recycling contract with the city for the past 28 years.
"The city code must now be amended to discontinue trash collection, and allow for residents to contract privately,” Molino said.
Molino would not speculate on the average cost of private collection. Persons familiar with the industry say that without an exclusive contract, individual trash collection costs could be double or more what was estimated in the Pay-as-You-Throw plan
The action of the Council on Monday night does nothing to guarantee that the ARC would remain in the trash collection and recycling business.
ARC Executive Director Donna Saskowski was grateful for the support the agency received but said it remained to be seen if the ARC would seek customers for a private trash disposal service
With the defeat of the ordinance change that would have established Pay-as-You-Throw, council pulled from the agenda all resolutions that hinged upon its adoption. Passage of the 2013-2014 budget, which called for a 16.5-percent tax rate decrease, was also pulled off the table.

Council will meet at 6PM on Wednesday to hear recommendations from Molino on just how the city will back out of the trash and recyclable collection. 

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