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The abduction that never happened has left police with still more questions.
And many in Batavia are asking what will happen to the girl who set off the whole incident by telling Superintendent Margaret Puzio that she’d been kidnapped.

In an extended statement, BPD Detective Richard Schauf says the punishment is a sensitive subject, especially since the entire true story is still unknown.

Detective Schauf says the girl has not returned to school today. Police were with the girl until 8 o’clock last night, and they are speaking with her again today.
Schauf says although there was no abduction, the man the girl described as her abductor may still exist. They have not ruled out the possibility that she was with this man during the time period when she was missing.
But if the man does exist, police wish to stress that he would not be considered dangerous, and that parents should not fear for their children’s safety any more than normal. Again, there was no student abduction of any sort yesterday in Batavia.


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