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The Griswold Road bridge in the Town of Stafford requires replacement. Following a public hearing earlier this week, County Highway Superintendent Tim Hens provides an update on what comes next.

“Finalize the design, which is ongoing right now,” Hens said. “That should be done the next few months and then we will be advertising for bids probably in the May/June time frame so that we can start construction in early July.”

Because this is a federal aid project, the county is required to do a public outreach session. The residents who attended Monday’s meeting expressed concern over traffic issues near Batavia Country Club and Godfrey’s Pond.

Hens says the replacement won't be noticably different from the existing structure.

“The bridge now is kind of in a little bit of a valley, (so) we’ll be raising that up slightly about a foot or so just to get it above the floodplain,” Hens said. “The new bridge will actually be a little bit narrower than the one’s that in place now.”

Federal aid is also tied up in a bridge project on Hopkins Road in the Town of Batavia. Hens says there will be an information session or open house at the Highway Department for public comment soon. There is also a preventative maintenance project on North Pembroke Road in Pembroke, but Hens does not think that will require public input because of the small size of the project.

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