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The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating multiple burglaries which it says involves two white men in a silver or tan van breaking into locked houses in northern Genesee County.

Chief Deputy of Investigations, Jerry Brewster, says the burglaries are believed to be related because of the items taken (jewelry, cash and easily-accessible items) and means of entry (kicking in a locked door) are similar.

“There isn’t a whole lot a person can do to prevent this; these homes are locked," Brewster said. "This isn’t like they’re turning a door knob and walking into the house easily or crawling through an open window. These are what we call forced entries and they will use any means necessary at their disposal. A size 12 (shoe) is just as effective as a crow bar in getting into these houses.”

Brewster says to be vigilant about making sure doors and windows are adequately locked. He suggests using dead bolts and making sure they’re rooted in something strong, using metal doors, or restricting the use of doors that have glass that can be punched in.

“What we’re looking for is the neighbors – just as they always do, they’re very generous to us in Genesee County – to keep your eyes open on your neighbors, or if someone pulls in the driveway and they come to the door and make, what would appear to be, a foolish excuse, like, ‘I’m looking for Joe Brown,’ please let us know. We don’t mind being called to come out and check it out. Plate numbers are helpful to us, but we don’t want anyone to put themselves in danger.”

There are no other details available about the suspects at this time.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity in their neighborhood is asked to call police immediately.

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