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A Texas official is attempting to lure New Yorkers upset over Governor Cuomo's gun control legislation to move to the Lone Star State

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has launched a Google web ad campaign telling New Yorkers who are fearful that their gun rights are threatened by the new law to move to Texas. Abbott says New Yorkers can feel safe knowing they will have the right to bear arms in Texas. The web ads will appear as pop-ups on several media websites, including the New York Times.

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# rich
Friday, January 18, 2013 11:01 AM
Texas has the highest number of citizens who are earning minimum wage, the highest number of citizens without a high school diploma, a K-12 education system ranked in the next to last in the nation, the largest number of children without health care or health insurance and one of the states with the highest number of people living in poverty. Texas enjoys the 4th highest incarceration rate in America 1 in 639 per 100K. Another sign of a third world state.Texas also enjoys one of the highest rates of uninsured citizens and one of the highest rates of diabetes. That’s a third world disaster waiting to happen.

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