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Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law the toughest gun control laws in the nation. 

“This law is going to make this state a safer state," he said in Rochester Wednesday.

The New York State Assembly passed the legislation Tuesday afternoon following the state Senate's approval late Monday. The law would expand the state's existing ban on assault weapons, limit the size of ammunition magazines to seven rounds, and make private gun sales subject to background checks.

Cuomo was in Rochester today to sign the bill into law. He spoke about the “Webster provision” of the legislation.

“(First responders) are very often in very dangerous situations leaving their homes and their families to go help other families," Cuomo said, "and we are going to protect them. And, God forbid, there is a murder of a first responder, life without parole – you will be locked up without the hope that you will ever see the sun again from anywhere besides behind bars.”

Cuomo also dismissed concerns that the legislative process for this bill was too hasty, as local politicians Assemblyman Steve Hawley and Senator Michael Ranzenhofer have opined.

“Some people say, ‘Well, you got it done fast. It was the first day of the session.’ I think we actually got it done very slow, when you think about it. We have been working on this bill everyday since Newtown, Conn., and provided an impetus everyday since Webster, at the table, trying to come up with an agreement that everybody could get something done. But this should have been done years ago.”

(Photo from the New York Daily News. Cuomo signs the bill into law in Albany Jan. 15)

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