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The head of the Conservative Party in New York is furious Senate Republicans allowed a vote on Governor Cuomo's gun control legislation that ultimately was signed into law. 

Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long says GOP lawmakers "made a very serious mistake" and risk eroding their base in the Empire State over the vote. Long ultimately blasted the measure as a "political charade" that only boosts the governor's political standing.

The NY SAFE bill passed convincingly in both the senate and the assembly by votes of 43-18 and 104-43, respectively. Local politicians, Asemblyman Steve Hawley and Senator Michael Ranzenhofer, both criticized the legislation's hurried process which allowed for little community input.

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# Stephen Lay
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:59 PM
Meanwhile the good citizens of New York continue to have no comment, while their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms are under direct assault by men such as Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and a spineless legislature that feels that passing flawed laws is better than doing nothing. I, for one, will remember who voted in favor of this attack on our liberty come election time. I hope I am not alone.

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