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Highlights from the Governor’s State of the State address Wednesday:

Regarding Upstate New York, the Governor called job growth “sad” and “troubling,” while acknowledging the region’s “decades of decline.”

The Governor called for “innovation hot spots” across Upstate which would train students for high-tech jobs as well as connect private industry with higher education for research and development.

Upstate New York has seen job growth of 5 percent, while the nation stands at 9 percent – something the Governor called “unacceptable.”

Cuomo announced plans for more casinos Upstate. He says this can help attract New York City residents to the region instead of going to New Jersey or Connecticut for gaming.

The Governor also emphasized aggressive marketing efforts to exhibit activities and events Upstate. He wants regions to work together to develop and market assets in those areas, instead of counties competing against each other.  


The Governor also plans to help the women in the state.

Cuomo unveiled his Women's Equality Act, saying it includes guarantees of equal pay and protection of a woman's right to choose. In addition, the governor says components of the Act would strengthen human trafficking laws, and address sexual harassment in the workplace.


Education reform was also a major point of emphasis in the State of the State address. Cuomo proposed a grant program for schools to help improve student success. The governor also says New York will move forward with a plan to make pre-kindergarten for high-needs children a full-day experience.

Additionally, Cuomo wants to see the creation of a state "bar exam" teachers would need to pass to be properly certified as educators in the Empire State.

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