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Fire believed to have been deliberately set raced through a vacant building Saturday night that once housed the Wirad Plow Company, Swan St. in Batavia.
The initial alarm was sounded around 7pm. Before the fire was out, every City of Batavia fireman and every piece of city fire fighting equipment would be pressed in to service. Additional firefighters and equipment were brought in from six volunteer fire departments
surrounding the city.
No injuries were reported.

WBTA News partner The Batavian reported that two youths were being questioned by Batavia Police late Saturday night in connection with the fire. The parents of the boys had been called to police headquarters.
Batavia Fire Chief Craig Williams said his first concern was fire fighter safety. Since the building was vacant,  no effort would be made to enter the burning building.


Officials noted that a small fire had been reported at the site earlier on Saturday. That fire, quickly doused by city firemen, was believed to have been set.

The Wiard Plow Company was  well known for horse-drawn plows dating back into the late 1800s.

Additional coverage and photos from The Batavian

Top & Middle: WBTA News
Bottom: "The Batavian"


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# Melvin J. Adams
Tuesday, September 06, 2011 5:48 PM
I currently have a Wiard Walking Plow that I got from my neighbor for some work I did for him. I have all the metal parts; #27 mold board beam, casted No's
include; Land side #27 or 28, wheel #154 spindel, #112 colter, #6 on small colter mold board, but all the wooden parts like the wooden main beam and the wooden handles are pretty much rotted away. I need to find the dimensions of the wooden beam in order to have someone make a blank so I can restore it. If I can't find that I will probably sell it on E-bay. Wiard Plow Co. Batavia, NY; #27 is molded on one of the metal parts.
# Virginia Wiard Kelley
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 8:47 PM
My ancestor invented the Wiard Plow.
# Jim Adams
Monday, January 09, 2012 6:31 PM
Hi. Virginia,

Thanks for the info. Nice to hear from a Heir of Wiard Plow.
The stattus here is still the same, I, have the plow metal-parts, but no one came thru with the original, measurements-for-the-wooden-parts, I should have in order to replace them.
I, could fabricate them according to what I thought they were, but I'd rather start with the original-dimensions if I could.
It was nice of you to respond to my comment.
I, give "The Batavian" permission to pass My Email name on to you.

Thanks, Jim Adams

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