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A new report finds nearly all school districts in New YorkState have submitted teacher and principal evaluation plans. 

State education officials say only nine of 682 school districts have yet to submit theirs.

“Our teachers and principals in conjunction with the district," new Batavia City School District Superintendent Chris Dailey said in detailing the district's specific plan, "have done a phenomenal job in developing something that is manageable for the principals to do as far as evaluating all the principals, and also valuable. It allows us to look at what we’re doing everyday and evaluate it and improve. Our goal in the end is to make sure the way we were at the beginning of the year improves to the end of the year. I think, so far, we’ve had some success with it.”

Batavia’s plan was submitted and approved by the state in November and the whole effort took a year-and-a-half to finalize. It uses state and regional exams were applicable to define a rating. Principals are evaluated on their entire building, while teachers are judged on their classroom.

Dailey said he’s proud of the district’s plan and its smooth and dedicated approach to having a comprehensive evaluation system.

"We actually took our time and did it right, didn’t rush to create something," Dailey said. "We wanted to create something with value and meaning that would move our district forward and we believe it will. New York State’s goal is to improve teaching and, most importantly, improve education for our students, and I think the end result will be an improved classroom for students.” 

If any of those nine districts don’t get their evaluation plans approved by state education officials by Jan. 17, will lose a scheduled four percent increase in state aid.

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