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Genesee County is under a Winter Storm Warning beginning at 4 this afternoon.
The warning, which extends to most all of Western New York, continues through tomorrow afternoon.
Snowfall totals are forecast up to 16 inches.
Meteorologist Jeff Wood is on duty this morning at the National Weather Service in Buffalo.
We asked him to focus in on Genesee County:
"We are looking at wide spread accumulations of 8 to 16-inches across Western New York. For Genesee County in particular we are looking at really the mid to upper end of that range, 12 to 16-inches."
Wood says the southern tier has a greater probability of heavy snow but the 12 to 16 inch range could fall anywhere in Western New York.

Officials say the gunman who set a fire at his home in Webster as a trap to ambush firefighters, killing two, was armed with a handgun, shotgun and rifle. Webster police chief Gerland Pickering says 62-year old William Spengler had multiple rounds of ammunition
"He had from what i've been told by the investigators, it was a large number of rounds and he was equipped to go to war to kill innocent people."
It has also been learned that the weapon used in the Webster shootings, A .23 Bushmaster semi-automatic, Was the same weapon used by Adam Lanza in the Connecticut school massacre.

we also know now that suspect Spengler left behind a note before he killed himself.
That part of the story reported by ABC’s Aaron Katersky:
"In the chilling, typewritten note William Spengler did not explain why he wanted to kill but he made clear his intentions (("I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best, killing people")) Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering said Spengler armed himself with a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle, took up a post near a tree and waited for firefighters to respond to a fire he had set ((this was a clear ambush on first responders)) Spengler killed two firemen, wounded two others and shot himself as the houses around him burned." 
Authorities have also revealed that a set of human remains were found in the home in which Spengler and his sister Cheryl lived in.  The remains have not been positively identified although police say they believe the remains are those of Spengler’s sister. 

Four employees of a Wal-Mart store in Clarence have been arrested on charges that they were stealing goods from the store.  Police say the four have been under-scanning or ringing up items at below the cost, and accomplices would leave without paying for products.  Police say they combined to steal over seven-thousand-dollars from the store.


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