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Even as funerals are being held for the victims of last week's Connecticut school massacre, Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are quietly negotiating a package of strengthened gun laws for New York State

The proposed deal would expand the state's assault weapons ban to include all firearms with clips of more than seven rounds. There's also discussion of stiffening the penalties for gun crimes, including longer jail sentences for carrying a firearm onto school grounds.

Lawmakers have been told to be available next week, before New Years, in case the measure is ready for a vote. The full package of new gun laws would likely be unveiled during Cuomo's annual State of the State message on Jan. 9.

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# Stephen Lay
Thursday, December 20, 2012 5:57 PM
I certainly hope that the Governor and NY's legislators don't go down this road. We gun owners are all shocked and saddened by the recent events that the criminal misuse of firearms has brought to some communities in our nation. As we try to make sense of these tragedies, it is easy for our elected officials to pass legislation, but enforcement is another matter. A requirement that all guns that utilize a clip, or magazine only be allowed a maximum of 7 rounds is a Pollyanna approach that will do nothing to curb gun violence. There are numerous sources of magazines, that will hold additional rounds available, and if Governor Cuomo is not prepared to go door-to-door to seek them out and confiscate them, than this proposed legislation is meaningless. NY currently has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and aside from an all-out ban, there is nothing else that can legislatively be done that will curb the violence, while assure that the citizens of this Great Nation to continue to have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as upheld by the US Supreme Court. I think that the Governor has an eye to the White House and sees this as an opportunity to show that he is proactive about gun violence, and not because he sees his proposal any meaningful solution to the misuse of firearms.

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