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80-percent of Genesee County residents have turned in their census forms on their own.
But of course, 80-percent is not 100-percent, so hired census takers are now pounding the pavement throughout the county to count us all.
Most people who will receive a visit are those who use P.O. boxes.

Genesee County Planner Jill Babinski explains.

You’ll want to be sure that those people you open your door to in the coming weeks are actually census takers. Here are a few tips:

  • Census workers must present an official ID badge with a Department of Commerce watermark and expiration date
  • Some census workers will be carrying a black bag with the Census Bureau logo stamped on the side
  • If you ask, the census worker should be able to provide you with supervisor contact information and the local census verification phone number
  • And, census workers should only ask you questions that appear on the official 2010 census form

If you’ve only recently mailed back your census form, you may still receive a visit from a census worker. It is still required that you answer that worker’s questions.

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