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A pregnant Jacquetta Simmons is now at a state prison.

The Batavia woman convicted of assaulting a Wal-Mart worker on Christmas Eve last year will remain there until she is transferred to a medical center to give birth to her child. She was about eight months pregnant at her sentencing earlier this month.

Simmons was being held in Genesee County Jail, but she was transferred to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in WestchesterCounty.

There is no word from Simmons’s attorneys about what specific plans she made for the child.

The 27-year-old Simmons was sentenced to five years in state prison for second-degree assault for punching then-70-year-old Grace Suozzi after she asked Simmons for a sales receipt.

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# Della Bartz
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9:56 AM
Are we as taxpayers responsible for the cost of childcare if Ms. Simmons chooses to keep her child with her in prison? Or is Ms. Simmons legally and financially responsible for her child's expenses? Also, are the expenses of the birth covered by her personal medical insurance (if she has any) or are the taxpayers picking up the bill for that as well? I would not like to be held responsible for a convicted felon's care nor would I appreciate having to support her child as long as there is a family member - husband, mother, father, sister, brother, etc. that could assume the care and financial responsibility of the child. I don't believe choices should be given to felons in these situations if it costs the taxpayers money unless the felon is required to pay back the taxpayers for the cost of her personal choice while incarcerated.

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