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The Batavia City Council has been asked to approve an increase in the city’s vendor license fee.

The city clerk has proposed raising the fee from 25-dollars a year to 200-dollars a year.
Clerk Heidi Parker says the fees has not been raised in nearly 25 years and even at 200-dollars, would be far from the most expense among small cities.
Still, several councilmen thought that such a steep increase could hurt local business people.
Ward 3 councilman John Canale was one of them:
"We definitely want to deter outside vendors who may not be on the up and up. Raising the fee (to $200) would certainly do that, but in this process I want to make sure we are not hurting our local vendors."
The vendor license covers businesses such as food carts and ice cream trucks and also, door to door magazine sales people.
A former corrections officer has been sentenced to four months behind bars for drunk driving.
46-year-old Rusty Vanson of Attica was sentenced yesterday on his fourth DWI conviction.
Judge Robert Noonan told Vanson, "it boggles my mind that someone with so much to lose can go out and do the same misconduct over and over again."
Vanson will also serve five years probation and pay a $2,000 fine.
Cyber Monday, the online equivalent of Black Friday, could result in up to $2-billion in sales in the U.S, and a local business is getting in on the action.
Oliver’s Candies on West Main Street in Batavia has a strong web presence and ships product all over the world. From now until Christmas Oliver's will ship 200 to 300 packages a day.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has requested roughly $41-billion in federal disaster aid to help with the recovery and rebuilding effort following Hurricane Sandy.  
The governor says 32-billion is for recovery funds, while an additional nine-billion will be used to prepare the state for future storms.  
Cuomo called the damage Sandy did to the state more impactful than the damage done by Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf Coast.
The Wellsville man who has long claimed he's owed a multi-billion dollar share in Facebook has been indicted on federal fraud charges.  Paul Ceglia has been charged with mail and wire fraud and faces up to 40 years behind bars.
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