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The Genesee County Board of Elections started counting absentee ballots Monday and expect to complete the process by the beginning of next week.

Could this city election be affected by absentee ballots? On Election Day, Democrat Laura Ricci lost by 42 votes to Republican Jim Russell for a council seat. Republican Chair Dick Siebert explains where they stand.

“We’ve informed both candidates so they know," Siebert said. "Unofficially, when we did the absentee ballots with the ones we have – there’s still some more coming in (from the DMV) – Mr. Russell picked up about 13 ballots. There are 55 votes difference there now unofficially in favor of Mr. Russell.”

There is some local history of absentee ballots affecting the results of elections. Siebert recalled when Bob Bialkowski won a council position a few years ago because of absentee ballots when he was trailing on the machines -- then conversely lost a later election for the same reason.

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