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Sanitation and disinfection is always an utmost priority at a hospital. At UMMC, they’re employing technology to help kill microorganisms to keep conditions safer.

It’s an ultraviolet light that destroys microorganisms’ DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital functions. It’s more effective than disinfectants that claim to kill 99.9 percent of germs.

“Only about 200 hospitals in the U.S. are using some kind of advanced technology like this so I give UMMC an enormous amount of credit -- to identify something and be proactive instead of waiting and trying to fix a problem later," said Angelo Mancuso, director of sales at Sterilize UVC Disinfection.

Colleen Flynn, the hospital’s director of community relations, says employing this device makes a strong statement.

“We have now invested in this new technology because it’s one more step to show the community how serious we are about making sure we prevent the spread of infection and that we do probably more than what most hospitals do to keep our patients safe," Flynn said.

Ultraviolet rays have been used for more than a century, but this kind of technology is particularly useful in hospital enviornments. It had previously been used on things like water supplies. Ultraviolet rays are near the visible-light spectrum, but not as invasive as X-rays.

No plants or people are allowed in the room while it's operating. 

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