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Church burglar John Cabrera will spend the next 6 to 18 years in state prison.

He was sentenced yesterday in Genesee County Court to three terms of 2 to 6 years…those terms to run consecutively.
Cabrera admitted he broke into at least five Batavia area churches this summer.
He also attempted to escape from the county jail.
The lawyer for the 22-year-old Cabrea told Judge Robert Noonan that Cabrea’s judgment was clouded by mental health problems and the use of bath salts.

Gas rationing is coming to New York City and Long Island.  
The "odd/even" rationing starts today.  That means passenger vehicles with license plates ending with an odd number, a letter will only be able to fill-up on odd number days.  
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the nor'easter has worsened the gas crisis down state.
The Governor has said he does not plan to enact gas rationing on a statewide level.  

19-year-old Taylor Finnin of Cone St., Batavia is behind Genesee County bars this morning. Finnin is charged with Grand larceny and 16-counts of Possession of a forged instrument. 
He turned himself in to Batavia Police yesterday.
Details of the charges not released.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the damage from Hurricane Sandy could reach 33-billion dollars in the state. He calls it a wakeup call that climate change will affect the state in the future, and that once the recovery is done the various systems in the state will have to be "hardened."  Cuomo says this may require changes in policy.  He estimated that the cost to the region at 50-million dollars.

The Veteran’s Administration is expected to finally name the location of a national cemetery in Western New York before the end of the year.
The V-A is reported to be considering two sites:
On  Walden Avenue near Pavement Road in the Town of Lancaster, the other in Pembroke at the intersection of Main Road and Indian Falls Road.
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