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In preparation for the adverse weather being predicted for this coming week the State Police encourage motorists to exercise due care over the next few days.

There is expected to be significant rainfall by Thursday morning. Rain and heavy wind will begin to impact the region Monday afternoon and continue through Wednesday evening. This event will encompass all of Western New York.
The State Police will be out across the region checking all major routes of travel to ensure that motorists are as safe as possible. The State Police need your assistance to make this possible. Motorists are asked to consider traveling only if necessary. Take into consideration rain accumulation on the roads, the current rainfall rate, the wind, and visibility. Use your best judgment to determine if driving is prudent.
Keep the following tips in mind:
• Get the latest weather forecast before leaving – , monitor radio or TV stations or contact your nearest State Police station
• Keep a full tank of gas
• Fluid levels are sufficient ( windshield washer fluid, ant-freeze)
• Spare tire is sufficient and you have the jack and wheel wrench
• Use headlights at all times to increase your visibility to others. Remember, if your windshield wipers are in use due to weather then your headlights must be on.
• Drive prudently. If the conditions are adverse you should decrease your speed accordingly
• Brake early and correctly
• Be careful, as wet road conditions can lead to hydro-plane conditions. Pay particular attention on bridges and overpasses.
• Do NOT use cruise control. This decreases your reaction time to apply braking.
• Be alert when you see standing water on the roadway. You may not know the depth of the water and attempting to travel through may cause you to become stranded which will become a safety concern. Report f you see standing water in the road to authorities.
• Look out for events farther down the road. Creating more time to react can make a difference
• Be aware of maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles. Give them room to work
• If you do not absolutely have to go out on the roads, then don’t.
Be prepared. Be safe.
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