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Press release from the Genesee County Highway Department:

Please be advised that the Griswold Road Bridge over the Black Creek in the Town of Stafford will be permanently closed to traffic this afternoon until such time that the bridge can be replaced.  The bridge is located on Griswold Road between Caswell Rd and Rt 237 in the Town of Stafford. 
The bridge has been deteriorating rapidly over the last few years and a recent inspection revealed conditions that warranted a lower load posting than the 4 ton load limit currently in place. A lower load limit would essentially render the bridge useless.
A replacement bridge is currently under design and is scheduled to be constructed in 2013.  The new bridge is funded 80% with federal aid with a 20% local match in funding required.
The Griswold Rd bridge was constructed in 1941 and was widened in the early 70's.  It is a representation of the challenge facing the county when it comes to updating its infrastructure.  The average county bridge is more than 50 years old and several are in need of replacement.  It is estimated that the county would need to replace 2-3 bridges per year to stay ahead of bridge decay.  Even with federal aid, this burden will cost an additional $600,000 to $700,000 per year over the next decade.


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