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During election season, it’s sometimes difficult to sort through the negative campaign ads and marketing strategies that candidates employ. This can cloud discussion of actual issues.

An event in Batavia tomorrow hopes to combat that, just in time for the very first Presidential Debate.

The AARP is hosting a dinner and debate discussion in order to address issues involved in the presidential election and gain understanding of what each candidate actually represents.

Bill Armbrufter – the associate state director for AARP – says this event should provide an outlet for people to discuss issues such as social security, medicare and retirement security regardless of party affiliation.

 “Our goal is to try to make people as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible when they go to the polls next month, so they know where the candidates stand," he said.

 Elections can lead to contentious debate for many, but Armbrufter is confident that people at the event can but biases aside to critically address election issues.

“We hope that people would go and listen to the debate with an open mind or a different view point and see and hear what it is that they’re hearing," he said.

Unfortunately, there is a waiting list for the event. However, you can call 760-5451 to check if there is any availability.

Dinner starts at 6:30 tomorrow night with a discussion set for 7:30 at GO ART at 201 East Main Street. The Debate begins at 9 p.m.

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