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Fire of unknown cause left extensive damage to a home on Summit Street in Batavia.

No one was hurt.
Occupants of the building at 146 Summit all escaped safely.
City firemen answered the alarm just before 9 last night.
When they got there, smoke was streaming out the front door and from the eaves.
Once inside, firemen faced flames in the kitchen and dining room.
When it was all over, an estimated $40,000 damage had been done.
Those displaced by the fire are staying with relatives.

The EPA says efforts to put out that smoldering recycling pile in Attica is going well.
The Environmental Protection Agency began work over the weekend to break-up the 40-foot high, one acre pile at Hillcrest Industries.
The EPA says work will continue today in a 12 hour, daytime shift.
Overnight work will be suspended.
The EPA says levels of volatile organic compounds are very low at the site and have not been detected at all at the school.

An 18-year-old freshman at SUNY Brockport was murdered in her dorm this weekend.  Eighteen-year-old Alexandra Kogut was allegedly beat to death by her boyfriend, 21-year-old Clayton Whittemore from New Hartford.  Whittemore has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.  

New York Senator Charles Schumer says we could soon be paying more than six dollars for a gallon of milk - if the farm bill isn't renewed. The 2012 bill passed the Senate in June but remains stalled in the House. The current bill expired yesterday. 
Speaking in Albany, Schumer said this will hit people hard:
"The price of this commodity, cheese will double, it will cost middle class families and all families a fortune and it will hurt our economy rather significantly."
The Farm Bill is enacted every five to seven years and provides farm and food policy for the U-S.

A 1,500-pound pumpkin took home first prize in the annual weigh-off at the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence.  .
The pumpkin's farmer, Karl Haist, took home $5,000 for his win yesterday.  
On Friday, a pumpkin in Rhode Island set a world record at 2,000-pounds.
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