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The federal Environmental Protection Agency has finished its evaluation of data from samples taken at the Hillcrest Industries site and surrounding community.

The EPA aimed to measure for volatile organic compounds in the air. 

The New York State DEC found no health risk from the giant pile of recyclable materials in Attica earlier, but the EPA has updated results.

It tested for 68 individual toxic materials in ten sample locations. Though 31 of those toxic materials were detected, the agency says most were well below health-based values.

However, the EPA says elevated levels of benzene, ethylbenzene and styrene are found at the top of the pile, which has fires burning inside it. Their tests show these toxic materials may be migrating off-site and into the community.

The EPA will be working this weekend to extinguish the fires in the pile. Residents are advised to close their windows and stay indoors if they have breathing problems.

The EPA has set up this website to communicate information specifically regarding this situation in Attica.

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# Frances Babel
Sunday, October 07, 2012 2:19 PM
My daughter works in Attica and used to live there. A wonderful town. It's a shame what is happening there. People are moving out--just leaving their homes. My daughter got sick and stayed sick for 4 weeks and a dr. told her it was her immune system breakdown maybe caused by the glass in the air she's been breathing for almost a year never mind the smoke from the burning pile of glass and plastic. Unbeknownst to all the people there they have been breathing glass particles for a year. They are trying not to tell people about the glass and have gone on to blaming everything on the burning pile. No telling what the long range health problems will be--cancer, COPD, and psychosis from the benzine.

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