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Beginning next year, Batavia’s United Memorial Medical Center will become a teaching hospital.

UMMC announced today it has formed a Medical Residency Program with Lake Erie Consortium for Osteopathic Medical Training.

The school is based in Erie, Penn., and offers much of its curriculum on-line.

UMMC President Mark Schoell cited the advantages of UMMC becoming a teaching center.

“Education ignites a collaborative partnership for new ideas and thoughtful discourse," Schoell said. "A true team approach to patient care evolves when we learn from each other. Several studies have linked higher quality scores to teaching hospitals."

Dr. Richard Terry, Assistant Dean for the Lake Erie school, said that residents often end up working in the community where they trained.

“They will live here for a year in the community. Not only will that benefit to recruit them to stay as family doctors, but economically, these medical students generate about $27,000 for the community,” Terry said.

Schoell says that a residency program at UMMC is desirable because many new doctors are choosing to practice in a hospital setting rather than enter private practice.

“A lot of residents coming out of school and the younger physicians are not really interested in hanging out a shingle, they really are moving toward hospital employment as opposed to private practice. I think the declines in reimbursement for the physicians in particular for Medicare and some of the other payers are very significant,” Schoell said.

There will be four residents accepted for the UMMC program each year. They will reside in the Batavia area and receive pay and benefits from UMMC while participating.

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