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Flags are lining Main Street in the City of Batavia Tuesday in memoriam of 9/11. The Batavia Jaycee’s are responsible for hanging a number of flags on local businesses from Court Street to Liberty Street.

Treasurer Melissa George said the flags are not only hung to remember 9/11 or patriots day as it's now called, but they are hung for other American holiday’s as-well. She said the Jaycee's have been putting them up for over 30 years.  

“It’s something that we look forward to doing. You should take pride in hanging up your flag. I know I have one outside of my house, so it is something that we do take pride in,”said George.

George said she enjoys seeing the City of Batavia coated in red, white and blue for a day. It gives her a sense of joy to be an American. 

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