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Just in time for the long Labor Day weekend, motorists are facing an unwelcome spike in gas prices. In Western New York the average price of gas is $3.91 a gallon.

Public Affairs Specialist for AAA of Western and Central New York Steve Pacer said gas prices have hit a record high for the Labor Day holiday this year, but he said the prices don’t seem to be discouraging travelers.

“Our projection for this Labor Day holiday period which started Thursday and runs until Monday is that 33-million Americans will travel 50-miles or more and to put that into perspective that’s the highest number since 2008, which is when the recession hit, so obviously if people are annoyed with gas prices, it might just be that an annoyance. They’re still finding ways to take the trip they want to take,” said Pacer.  

Pacer said Tropical Storm Issac is to blame for the hike in gas prices.

“Where it hit in the gulf coast is really where a lot of the oil and the gas for our Country is produced is in the gulf State, so when the refineries had to shut down that leads to a supply concern. Even though in New York we get most of our gasoline from New Jersey and Philadelphia anything that causes a supply concern tends to push the price of crude oil up and that’s why we’re paying more at the pump,” said Pacer.   

Pacer said if there are no more unexpected hurricanes and the economy continues on the same path gas prices should start to decrease after the Labor Day holiday. 

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