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It was one of the hottest, driest summers on record and now Western New York’s autumn will be affected as a result. The leaves on trees will be turning brown and falling off of trees early this year.  

Jan Beglinger is with the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Genesee County. She said trees have had a very stressful summer.

“They haven’t had enough water so they’re just shutting down early and if you’ve got a tree in a particularly dry spot, even though the leaves are falling you still want to give it an inch of water per week. Especially for our evergreens, because they don’t go dormant as quickly in the fall so you’ll want to water that right up until winter starts. Keep an eye on your trees and shrubs and give them a little TLC after this hot summer,” said Beglinger.

Beglinger said it’s too early too tell, but there is also the possibility that some leaves wont be as vibrant as usual. She said this summer’s weather has decreased sugar production for trees which could leave leaves looking a little dim. 

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