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A Local Business says a thruway toll hike would affect everyone. The State Thruway Authority has proposed a 45% increase in tolls for commercial trucks.

An increase that authority has deemed “modest" but, a move many local politicians feel would raise taxes and slow job creation.  

Chapin International is located on Ellicott Street in Batavia. Logistics Coordinator Joseph Severino said eventually customers and businesses alike would feel the burn if the increase is implemented.

“Bottom line is the cost per hundred weight to haul inbound materials or outbound goods is going to go up, because the carriers have to absorb that, so sooner or later the carriers are going to only absorb so much and then they’re going to pass along to the manufacturers, distributors and so on,” said Severino.

Severino said the toll hike would eventually increase the cost of doing business in the State. He said he worries about what an increase would do to a small business.

“Let’s say a smaller currier service, somebody that’s local, maybe they were averaging $100 or $200 a month on tolls and now that almost doubles that’s certainly going to impact them dramatically,” said Severino.

If implemented the hike would be the fifth toll hike in the last seven years. If passed it will go into effect later this year.  

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