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Over 80 barn quilts are now on display in LeRoy. Barn quilts are quilted patterns painted on a wooden board to be displayed on barns or sheds.

The barn quilt project began in LeRoy to raise money for the bicentennial, but grew into a large community art project.

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce has put together a brochure for people to take a self guided driving tour to see the colorful creations. The brochures can be found at local businesses and municipal offices. 

LeRoy Historical Society Director Lynne Belluscio said each quilt has a unique story behind it.

"Some of them are very old barns, some of them are on interesting active farms, and some of the barns quilt designs were taken from family quilts. One quilt in particular was a family quilt in 1850 that they reproduced on their barn quilt," said Belluscio. 

Belluscio said the barn quilt trail was started in Ohio by a woman who was a member of their art counsel and she wanted to commemorate her mother’s interest in quilting by painting a quilt design on her barn and then it just grew. She sats it's a rural grass root project and right now there are over 30 States that have barn quilt trails.

20 more quilts are expected to be put up by the end of the year in LeRoy.

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