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Assemblyman Steve Hawley says he strongly opposes the proposed thruway toll hike.

The Assemblyman wrote a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo to stop the Thruway Authority from increasing tolls by 45% on commercial trucks. The proposal has been called a “modest” increase by the Thruway Authority Board.

Hawley said the measure would slow job creation and increase the cost of doing business in the State.

“In my book and in most people’s books a 45% increase in anything is nothing short of extraordinary and anti-business. I’m not sure where the Authority is coming from with a statement that a 45% increase is modest, where I come from that’s not modest at all. You end up having truckers where there bottom line is going to be impacted,” said Hawley.

Hawley said the hike would also increase costs for taxpayers to keep up roadways that truckers would use as an alternative to the thruway.

Hearings on the issue are set to take place this Friday, the Thruway Authority will make a decision on the hike by the end of the month. 

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