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More information about local sex offenders is now available to the public. The City of Batavia announced Tuesday that it will now post the exact address of level two sex offenders on the City website:

The change comes after the State Department of Corrections changed their sex offender registry laws this past year. Before the public was only provided with exact addresses of level three sex offenders.

Batavia Police Detective Patrick Corona said the change will benefit everyone, but especially those who are new to Batavia and did not receive the sex offender list sent in the mail.  

“With level two’s now it is going to show the house number and street address, out level ones are going to remain the same as they have been which is just the name and zip code. All the offenders ones, twos and three’s we post a photograph of the offender,” said Corona.

Corona said the department is also encouraging residents to sign up for the New York "Sex Offender Alert System". He said it will send people text and email alerts if a sex offender moves into the neighborhood. 

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# David Hess
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 4:07 PM
Be aware that the sex offender registry does very little, if anything, to provide protection from sexual abuse. In New York State, 96% of those arrested for sex crimes have no prior convictions for sex offenses and thus are not listed on any registry.
# Rudy101
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 7:57 PM
No limit to public notification, is there? NONE. You, or anyone can take that information and do what with it?

Avoid the person? Isolate him? Those would be the more benign ways the registry is used. But we all know how the registry is really used. It is used to harass, threaten, and put fear into offenders also.

The registry does not protect the community. What it does is puts stresses on people who very well may have mental issues with sexuality. So instead of treating those mental issues, the State has decided they will aggravate them by making a registrant a desperate outcast. Funny how you call that protection of the community.

But it isn't and none of you can show any.

That means, your registry is built upon a fiction. The prohibition on ex-post facto laws is invoked. That means if the registry is being used to enforce ex-post facto laws (like loitering or residency or banning from Facebook) that registry does NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED AS A MATTER OF LAW.

You all have made the registry into a political tool. However, the registry violates the due process clause of the U.S. Constitution among many other basic laws.

Therefore, it is the RIGHT of an individual to flee that registry and do whatever they can to avoid your illegal registry.

Do you really think the Sheriff can use Facebook to post pictures of offenders and then force offenders to give up email addresses solely to banish them from Facebook?

Sorry. Your level systems, the way you label, the whole process is a caricacture of how a free country regulates a person they are asserting is dangerous.

Do you really think a person has to give all their information to the police who will take that information and use it in any way they want?

It is called, totalitarianism by definition. Totalitarianism has no credibility. Oh, and as long as you have this level system and registry system, you people really think you have built something credible. What world do you think you live in???? STUPID.

# Shelly Stow
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 8:56 PM
And then when some vigilante yahoo whose shoe size is bigger than his IQ takes a gun and blows away whoever opens the door at an address where someone is registered, especially if that someone is a child or wife or aging parent, will there be anyone in Batavia who will have enough sense to think this maybe shouldn't have been done?

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