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Police in LeRoy are trying to figure out how three-four inch metal spikes got at the bottom of a children’s slide. Two mothers told police that they found the spikes at Wildwood park Wednesday evening.

Detective John Condidorio said the spikes were buried halfway in the ground point side up and barely visible.

“We believe we do know the origin of the spikes. They appear to be spikes from a baseball plate, possibly a pitcher’s mound. So we do believe we know the origin of the spikes, but we just simply don’t know who removed them and placed them in such a dangerous location,” said Condidorio.                                       

Condidorio said they are checking nearby baseball parks to see if that’s where the spikes came from.

All parks in LeRoy have been checked and are clear of spikes and no one has been injured, because of them. Anyone with information in this incident is asked to contact LeRoy Police at 345-6350. 

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