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Many Batavia residents gathered in Farrall Park for the 29th annual “National Night Out”.

It’s an event aimed toward teaching youth about crime and drug prevention.

Tuesday night's event allowed City Firefighters and Police to demonstrate the excitement of public safety, as kids were able to ring police sirens, use a fire extinguisher and sit in the front seat of a cop car.

But more than that, Batavia Police Detective Richard Schauf said it allowed residents to bring their concerns to law enforcement in a relaxed atmosphere.

“It’s priceless because without that information you turn into a reactive police department where we’re constantly reacting to the crime. There’s so many things that probably people don’t realize that are thwarted before they become a real social problem in a neighborhood just because the neighbor feels comfortable talking to a police officer on the side before it grows into a problem,” said Schauf.

Schauf said he’s so glad residents feel they can talk to police about anything, because it’s that type of open communication that allows them to feel safe in their neighborhood. 

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