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Partyka FarmersIn recognition of Farmers Market week WBTA spoke to a farmer who sells locally to see how they’ve been coping during what has been deemed a difficult growing season.

“We’re both fifth generation farmers, we started our own farm and so we’ve had it 30 years and it’s probably the most trying year we’ve had in the thirty years,” said Partyka.

Partyka farms co-owner Lora Partyka and her husband Jeff have owned the farm for decades and this year they’re just making due. Lora Partyka said this year’s cold-wet spring destroyed many of the blossoms on their fruit crops and then hot-dry weather came and destroyed some of their vegetable crops.

“We’re down less than half of an apple crop, but on the whole we’re down in Kendall and we’ve been lucky to catch some rain so things are finally starting to come around,” said Partyka.

Partyka said they’ll make it through this year okay, but next year will be a tough one. She said their farm along with many other farms in the state survive by selling apples. They grow them one year before they’re picked and this past spring was so bad many farmers will be hurting during picking season next spring.

“So you put your heart and soul into everything you have and then to watch it all go a way it’s kind of hard. I know it’s been really hard on my husband, but we’ll make it through we’ve got a strong family and we’ve got a strong belief. So to us it’s more than a paycheck it’s a way of life,” said Partyka.

Partyka said it’s not only farmers in New York State that are suffering. She said the whole Country is feeling the backlash of this years weather.

“People really better think about canning and freezing things they can find, because through the winter they’re definitely going to see it in the prices in the supermarkets this year plus into next year, because your grains and all of that will effect crops for a year until another harvest,” said Partyka.  

Sold by the farmer who grew it. Local farmers are encouraging the community to come and buy produce to support Farmers Market week.

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