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Written by WBTA intern Gretel Kauffman

This weekend, those looking for family fun can stop by the fireman’s rec hall in Elba for the annual Elba Onion Festival.

It’s a tradition filled with games, ride rides, and tons of local cuisine. Butaccording to Coordinator Barbie Starowitz, the festival means more than justonions and carnival attractions 

“It’s unique because it brings everybody together. We work together as a community, andeverybody comes out. They plan reunions, they plan weddings. Many people comeback who have moved away, and they enjoy coming here, eating, and having somethingto do. It just brings everybody all together," said Starowitz.

Starowitz says the festival will feature many beloved traditions like the Ladies Auxiliary’sroast beef dinner, the game Dart-O, and music by Seventh Heaven and Savage Cabbage.

“Of course on the grounds we’re going to have a variety of food items right on the midway where the rides will be located. Then on Saturday, we start out with the kiddieparade at noon, and seven o’ clock will be the crowning of the onion queen. Andat midnight we’ll be awarding the 2013 Ford Mustang, or they can takeeighteen-thousand dollars in cash,” said Starowitz.

Oh and of course,Starowitz says there will be plenty of onions to go around.

“We’re going to have onion petals, and that’s just like a blooming onion, and then also wehave onion rings. Then the cub scouts will have onion soup, and also there willbe another stand selling blooming onions. And then of course you can orderonions and peppers for free with your hot dog, sausage or hamburger.”

The festival runs Friday and Saturday.

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